Thursday, January 22, 2009

All Things Organic

"Organic", is the talk of the town these days. From "organic foods" to "organic agriculture" and even "orgnaic baby products", the world it seems is going back to basics. "Going organic" is the new term I use for freeing your life from everything artificial, and relishing the beauty of the natural. My photoshoot this time went organic too. I wanted to capture in this shoot ...the life in the basic organic and seemingly ordinary things. Like the pod, in the first picture, bursting open to give out its fertile seeds. The long hair of the seed would then provide a natural dispersal mechanism and thus without any interference the plant can sustain its life.

The twists and turns of the ropes and the texture of the brick was what grabbed my attention for the above picture....ordinary?...yes...thats what i found beautiful.

My maid had left her hand-made broom lying on the floor and so i took a few shots at it. She made it herself tearing off the leaf blades from the stem of dried coconut tree leaves. The stems would then be gathered and tied to make the broom...quite an effort!
Thats it for now i guess will be snapping some more and putting it up soon, in the meanwhile I am rushing off to design some "organic" theme prints....:)


  1. I like the first photo, you can see all the feathery hairs! Lovely!

  2. The pod photo is beautiful! Not only did nature give you a great subject to photograph, but your composition is perfect.

  3. thank u guys!...its always the comments ppl give me that gets me clicking!